Grave Cross_9402-34_F-10Heavy Metal in its purest state and just as if out of the NWOBHM, hailing from Mexico City, Grave Cross is a classic metal act comprised by Johnny Chavez  (Strike Master, Acrania, Darkcreed) on guitar and vocals, Luis Reséndiz on guitar, Antonio Tascón on bass and Ledbek Sánchez on drums.

The band unites the members’ musical inspirations and influences from old-school metal greats such as Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Witchfinder General, Iron Maiden, Riot and Saxon. But whilst Grave Cross’ music proudly exhibits these roots, it does so in a manner contemporary with modern times in every aspect, and even in Grave Cross’ short tenure as an active band since 2014, this quality has compelled first-time listeners to take notice and has made an indelible impact on them.

Grave Cross released their debut demo in 2009, consisting of four original compositions ‘Grave Cross’, ‘London’s Mist’, ‘Staking The Vampire’ and ‘The Curse Of The Witch’ on CD via Blower Records, on vinyl by High Roller Records and on cassette by Rawblackult Prods.